Crémant de Bourgogne "Prestige Brut" LOUIS LORON & FILS


Recognized in 1975, the designation Crémant de Bourgogne replaced sparkling wines of varying qualities. The geographic area is quite vast and covers more than 300 communities from the Châtillonnais to the Auboise Champagne region, including the Beaujolais. The AOC label requires harvesting and production conditions as strict as those in the Champagne region and are based on them. The difference is the length of time for maturation on lees, a minimum of twelve months, as compared to fifteen months for Champagne.

Winemaking and growing

Grapes are specially selected and made into wine. They are harvested earlier than for still wines, in order to maintain the fresh acidity that characterizes the Crémant de Bourgogne. Effervescence is produced by adding the liqueur d'expédition (wine from the batch+sugar+yeast) when bottling. It causes a second alcoholic fermentation which releases carbonic gas that produces bubbles. Bottles are then placed on racks, tilted down. Then they are the object of regular, manual or mechanical operations: the bottles are regularly turned so that the fermented sediment collects in the bottle neck. The final step, corking, takes place after disgorgement (elimination of the sediment and impurities) and the addition of the liqueur d'expédition.

Wine and food pairings

It will be ideal for your dinner aperitifs.


100% chardonnay


At harvest, the grapes are exclusively hand-picked.


37,5 cl
75 cl
1,5 L


8 ° C


12% Vol.


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