Méthode Traditionnelle Cuvée Réservée LOUIS LORON & FILS


Quality sparkling wines.

Winemaking and growing

The quality sparkling wine, "Blanc de Blancs" begins with a table wine composed of 80% Chardonnay and 20% Chenin grapes. It is selected and produced by Ets LORON. After bottling the base wine, it ages in the cellar for more than 9 months and is riddled according to traditional methods. After disgorgement, the bottles are topped off with the liqueur d'expédition whose concentration determines the wine's "brut" nature. Sparkling, light and pleasant, the "Blanc de Blancs" is a happy, festive wine to be served well-chilled in a stem glass or flute, for all occasions.

Wine and food pairings

For an aperitif, serve it pure or as a Kir Royal by adding a few drops of black currant, blackberry or raspberry liqueur.


80% chardonnay and 20% of other French white varieties


During the harvest, grapes are exclusively hand-picked with care by our grape-pickers.


75 cl


8 ° C


12% Vol.


3 to 10 years

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