Méthode Traditionnelle Brut Loron LOUIS LORON & FILS


Quality sparkling wine

Winemaking and growing

The quality sparkling wine begins with a white table wine produced with Chardonnay grapes. It is selected and produced by Ets LORON. After sorting basic wines and before corking, we add ferments and sugar to create effervescence. The bottles remain on laths for a minimum of 10 months to ferment for a second time, this time in bottles. Then, they remain on slightly tilted racks for five to six weeks. Thanks to several successive manipulations, sediments gradually settle at the bottle neck to be expelled during the "disgorging" operation. Finally, bottles are topped off with the "liqueur d'expédition" whose concentration determines the wine's "brut" nature. Sparkling, light and pleasant "Brut Loron" is a happy, festive wine.

Wine and food pairings

Accompanies foie gras or a slightly sweet dessert.


100% chardonnay


During the harvest, grapes are exclusively hand-picked with care by our grape-pickers.


75 cl


8 ° C


12% Vol.


2 to 3 years

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