Mâcon Villages Blanc LOUIS LORON & FILS


The Monts du Mâconnais are staggered with la Côte d'Or, forming a double chain that are exposed north-northeast, south-southwest, cut by a series of parallel faults. The hills between Saône and Grosne valleys, favor the growth of Chardonnay which produces early white wines. The most well-known villages are Lugny, Chardonnay, Azé, Péronne, Viré and Clessé; the last two have even become a communal appellation.

Winemaking and growing

Mâconnais winemaking at a low temperature between 12 and 16 degrees. Mâcon Villages is aged in enamel vats.

Wine and food pairings

Beef with a salt crust, Bresse chicken with cream sauce.


100% chardonnay


During the harvest, grapes are exclusively hand-picked with care by our grape-pickers.


75 cl
1,5 L


14 ° C


13% Vol.


10 years and more

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